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Immigration and Women in the News

“Why an Immigrant Woman Could Be Your Next Boss” by Karin Kamp, The Huffington Post

“Report: Number of Businesses Owned by Immigrant Women Growing at a Fast Pace” by Marcos Restrepo, The Florida Independent

“Immigrant Women Entrepreneurs: Starting Businesses and Creating Jobs” on Badmus Law Firm Website

“Study: Female immigrant entrepreneurs on the rise” Sandra Baltazar MartÍnez | The New Mexican, Thursday, December 08, 2011

Pearce, Clifford, and Tandon, “Who Are our Immigrant Women?” GMan Magazine October 24, 2011

“Sheela Murthy Featured in 2011 Book on Immigration and Women”  City Biz List August 28, 2011

News about Gender and Immigration:

Increase in Violence against Muslim Women November 3, 2011

Landmark International Legislation for Domestic Workers October 8, 2011

Crossing Over,  and Over October 3, 2011